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Unschooling Philosophy

Unschooling is about learning in
the real world. Children direct themselves and follow their curiosity and passions.
Hands-on, engaging learning in a loving and unconstrained environment also
allows kids to understand how peaceful people interact. Unschoolers connect
with family, friends and the community to grow in rich learning environments
free of control from authority figures and contrived ‘teaching’ practices. As a
result, children enjoy and value learning instead of hating and avoiding it.

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Our purpose

We help parents, grandparents,
and carers provide a self-directed, interest-based learning experience for
their children. If your want to be actively involved in your child’s growth, help foster strong connections, and facilitate real-world learning, you’ve come to
the right place. We have the knowledge and support you need to unschool with confidence. Whether you’ve been unschooling for years, or
you’re new to the ideas, we’re here to help you and your child get the most out of the journey

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Why Unschool?

Unschooling is not about lazing around in bed and doing nothing all day. Once kids go through the deschooling process and readjust to life without senseless, arbitrary rules and being micro-managed by adults, they are able to learn and flourish.

Kids start to reconnect with the real world by engaging in what interests and matters to them by joining courses, workshops, coops and other learning platforms.

It also doesn’t mean social isolation. Unschooling often takes the form of ‘world-schooling’ where the family frequently travels and explores the world, co-op based unschooling with other kids in the same area with similar passions, interests or projects.

Then there are those who prefer to stay home and read or work on things that interest them. But that’s the key—it’s based on the child and family’s needs and preferences. Typically, unschooling is some combination of all three (world schooling, co-op centred and independent learning), depending on the child, their interests and their family situation.

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Get Your Unschooling Swag

Check out our Teespring store for sweet unschooling apparel!

We’ll be building out the range of designs and styles available in the very near future so stay tuned.

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New to Unschooling?

Unschooling is about supporting and allowing your child to take control of their education. This means that they learning through play as well as engaging and interacting with people, places and things out in the real world. Learning is largely (if not entirely) organic and unstructured, without any curricula that break it into separate ‘subjects’ arbitrarily.

This means that your child learns constantly, rather thinking about it as ‘a thing we do at school’. While it can be tough dealing with disapproving family members, going through the deschooling process yourself, or accepting your child’s choices about how they spend their time, the outcome of unschooling means they learn to think for themselves, create their own structure and take responsibility for themselves as well as their education.

This isn’t to say it’s perfect, ideal or works for all families in all situations. It’s important to understand that there exists a wide spectrum of education styles. Kids are able to learn with greater amounts of freedom, choice and agency in some settings than others. Find what works for them.

Stay tuned for our unschooling starter-kit that addresses different fears and concerns parents have, how to navigate particular issues, developing healthy mindsets to avoid hampering the unschooling experience, plus tips to facilitate your family’s journey.

“A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled” Dorothea Brande

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